I am new, obviously.
My name is Rosie, I'm 16, and I have just started getting into Warhammer 40,000.
My boyfriend has been into it for ages now, but he went off it for a bit, so I brought it up again and we bought some miniatures. :] Got some Gaunts and a Ravener. I got them mainly to paint, when my army gets larger I'll start playing. :]

I also like video games, more on the side of Final Fantasy, And I like Resistance: Fall of man at the moment. :] Sadly, I don't have my own PS3 as of yet, so I play on my boyfriend's.
I have a Wii and a DS along with my not so trusty PS2 which keeps breaking. >.<
I'm not into Xbox. :3
I like loads of other games too, just ask, I enjoy talking about them.
My music taste is wide, and so is my taste in films, you can ask me about them if you're interested.
I also don't go out much either. So I'll be on here quite alot. ^.^

So that's me really.
I'm friendly, so don't hesitate to get to know me. :]