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Thread: Oops

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    Zoggin'ek, I forgot to introduce myself.

    I'm a twenty five year old human. I'm reasonably new to 40k, however I have been playing table top war games since I was 13. Any one remember "Toy Wars"?

    I play an eighteen hundred point army. It uses space wolves rules and self made fluff. I also have a near six thousand point army on order from my local store and Forge World. I know this sounds rather excessive, but it will look very impressive if I can figure out how to paint resin. Other wise it will be a three thousand dollar pile of frag. Needless to say I may need some pointers.

    I'm also trying to work out the finer points of modeling Skaven to make them fit in with the 40k style. I may post more on that upon reaching some conclusions.

    Finaly, I'm appologizing now for my own bad grammer and spelling. I've never been one for proper english, so I don't know it's rules.


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    Welcome aboard!
    and good luck painting that resin
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