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    Hello everyone, a new(er) 40K-er here!

    Hey everyone,

    It's TheoryCraft. My topic title was slightly misleading - I'm not entirely new to the game; I actually just got back into the game recently after being on a 5-6 year hiatus and this is my second post on the boards

    Currently I play/am in the process of collecting Tyranids and Imperial Guard, my two favorite armies. My 'Nids include some older 2nd and 3rd edition models, as well as newer models, so it's a (very rough) work in progress. I've been working hard on my IG 1250 pt. army list (insert shameless plug: check out my army list in the IG forums! I could really use some help). I purchased a fair number of Cadian boxes and have a good chunk of the army assembled already.

    I don't really have much time to play because of work, law school, etc. etc, plus all of my 40K friends are from out of town, but I would be interested in hearing if there are other 40K players in the Madison, WI area. Nice to meet you all! -Th

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    Greetings, and welcome to LO!

    I am Sir AFG. Please enjoy your stay. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask one of the Mods for help, barring that, you know where to find me (actually, yo probably don't, so I'll let you know that I'm a regular in the Empire and WE forums, and lurk on several others, posting occasionally).

    If you like LO (which I'm utterly convinced you will), come to LO Chat as can be found by clicking here. You'll get to talk to me8Y, what more incentive do you need?.

    That aside, if I can find the motivation I'll get to your list. I'm an IG player myself (as of a few months now), with Eldar being the other force.

    Seeing as your a Nid player, you probably won't be that interested in me bugspray offer.


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