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    Teh Nekkid Chatter Killswitch's Avatar
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    ...And to the Earth we shall return

    A wise man once said 'It is from the Earth in which we are born, and to the Earth we shall return.'
    Well, now it is my time to return to the Earth. It's been a great run, and I've had a great time, but it's time I need to leave. To me, the forums have lost their appeal. I feel like it has grown old. As people must part ways...as must we. My obligations will be kept, such as the Miniature Exchange, and possibly (if Moon and I ever get it off the ground) the LO Chat Band. I will be appearing less and less in chat as well, as I now have other obligations to life.

    My reasons for leaving are more personal than anything, and I won't plague new comers with it, and I'm sure a few know why. I really do love this forum, and many of the people here have become great friends. I hope to keep in contact with these people, and will probably continue to talk to many of you if you ever need help. I hope you all have a good foruming time, frollacking in the flowers that are the forums. Leaping forwards in your skills of gaming, list making, painting, and modeling.

    As for returning, maybe someday. I'm debating about it at this moment. I may stop by every once in awhile to check a random thread (MrDee's painting comes to mind) or maybe my PM's, but overall, I'm just a ghost. Just a few last things, and I'll make my leave.
    Follow the Rules,
    Be as helpful as possible,
    Make smart posts,
    but, most of all...

    I'll miss you all,


    I'm back.

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    Jake, message me if you're going to the Hillbilly. We'll find each other in the crowded convention center somewhere.

    I'm sorry to see you go, but I know you'll check in every month or two. It's always good to see a familiar face reappear on the boards.
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    The other Kind of Fluff Rabbit's Avatar
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    Killswitch, best of luck in RL. It's a shame to lose good members, but LO is a luxury and not to be put over other vitals, such as RL. Keep checking chat and Space Invasion. I hope to run into you at both places.
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