Hey I'm Bruno, living in Sydney Australia, and i collect SM, and a chapter of my own creation. I was introduced to GW through my love of the LOTR movies; I later collected the GW models in its earlier days. But a friend of myn played necrons, and always boasted about his skills, and that inspired me to collect 40k (he fancied himself invincible). Armed with a space marine battle force, a dreadnought and scouts, I promptly beat him in my first ever game, and haven't let him forget it ever since (my first turn saw my razorback take out his monolith!). But i don't mind losing a game either (which i have) - its all about the fun + enjoyment for me.

I have only played 5 games, and the last one was 8 months ago, as my studies have sort of taken priority. But as soon as they are over, i intend to get fully immersed in the hobby, and maybe leave my status of noob behind me!

For now though, i joined LO as a way to keep my interests satisfied, without having to get out my paints + models. I hope to meet like-minded people, and hopefully an opponent or two! Above all, i want to further my knowledge of the game, so when the time comes, i am ready to squash the enemies of the imperium