Hey everybody, I'm Shonge. I live in GA, USA. I started playing GW games many moons ago with the release of their board game, "Space Hulk" and never looked back. I started collecting 40k armies about 5 years back when I worked for Game Keeper aka Wizards of the Coast at one of their retail stores. We carried 40k and by the time I left, I was running monthly tournaments in the store with pick up games every Friday. I started with Space Marines (as most people do) and have quite a large army of them. I picked up a couple barely usable (only about 700pts or so) of Eldar and Tyranids but didn't really enjoy them as much. Then the Tau came out. For a long while, that was my second largest army, up until the Necrons were revisited that is. I've got a few thousand points worth of them as well now.

Since then, it's been a year or so since I've even gotten to play and while I was trying grab a few pictures of the various armies online, I ran into Librarium, what a great site! Anyway, that's my story, I've been lurking for a few days now and finally decided to join so, HI!