hey guys, i am new to the board, and as suggested, i figured i would start an introductory post. I have been in the hobby since 97, started with fantasy lizards back in 5th edtion, and then a month later i branced out into 40k, starting with sisters back at the end of 2nd edition. Since then i have done several armies, i was also an outrider for GW for a year and a half, and worked for the GW store in the ATL for a year after that. Since then i have gotten out of the hobby for a couple of years, but in the past two years i have been slowly getting back into it. 2 years ago i invested in the new eldar army, but it sat on my shelf after getting just a handful of models painted. Since the eldar i have bought and sold a dark angels deathwing army, a 1500 points word bearers force, a 2k point ec list(most of those armies weren't fully painted when i sold them), and i have invested in a 2500+ worth of marines. I have also dabbled in the fantasy side again by investing in orcs and selling them, and chaos mortals too, also parting with them, and finally settling on the new dark elves.
The hardest part about getting back into the hobby was just finding an army that suited my playstyle and that i like. I am notorious for doing my own color schemes, as i just like having my army different. So for the 40k side, my armies are my Amethyst Fists(DIY marines), and my Craftworld Kaelor for my eldar army. I am dusting off the eldar and finally getting them finished. I couldn't part with them for i loved the army and the color scheme i chose, but just couldn't get motivated to do anything with them. Luckily my local GW store is doing a 200 points a month build/paint for the next 5 months, so going to get them going.

I am also on the B&C for my marine stuff, as midnight angel.
Looking forward to enjoy another good community here, and have heard lots of good things. I have been a lurker for about a week now, and have read some good threads. Well thats a little bit about me.