Heya to all

I'm not an experienced forum jockey in any interpretation, but I play 40k and have been playing it since 3rd edition.

I'm a causal gamer and I also play D&D, Magic and White Wolf Roleplaying games. I'm most interested in Warhammer 40k and that's why I registered for this forum. I'm an IT Uni student at QUT; as such this hobby gets very little funds.

So of course you want to know what army I play. The answer is all of 'em I've got quite the collection of codexies. But what do I collect that's a different answer. I have a sizable collection of Space Wolves, my first army so don't be suprised when I say they're green. And a larger collection of Tyranids which I recently played with in the Grand Tournament in Brisbane (my first Tournament). And from that I'm obviously an Aussie Bloke. I did pretty well with a couple of minor losses, a minor victory and the rest draws. Not bad for a first time tourny player who kept using outdated or just plain wrong rules.

Anyway I'm beginning to collect an Imperial Guard, Light Interior Guard Regiment. Though this is all theory at the moment. So after this post I'm off to the Imperial guard army lists section to post my current rendition of the list for perusal and advice.