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    Spikes (Empire & Orcs)

    Hey all.

    I started playing Warhammer Fantasy in may 2008 and found out about this great discussion forums. I'm here to discuss lists, deployment, where to buy hard-to-buy miniatures and how to convert/use green stuff.

    I currently play (and paint) my Orcs & Goblins army. I mostly play 2000 point games as a means to train towards tournament play.

    Let me talk about my army without it being a straight up list (since I'm at work waiting for a program to build and have no access to my actual list and army book).

    It is centered on 3 strong infantry blocks with two weapons, 25 men each. Just enough to get some green power dice as they get to fight. The redundancy and sameness of it helps to thwart the random animosity. I also have a battle standard bearer with mork's spirit totem to help with magic defense, a level 2 shaman with itty ring and dispel scroll, and a night goblin shaman with dispel scroll and staff of sneaky stealin' (to lower the enemy's magic capabilities a bolster my defenses a bit).

    Two regiments of night goblins with shields are there to hold up units so I can get my main blocks to join in on the action. They contain fanatics and use nets. In games against dwarves, high elves and wood elves, I've yet to see them broken. It's incredible the amount of staying power a small goblin mob has! They rarely are the targets of ranged attacks...even though they should be. The goblin mobs usually flank the general's orc unit to benefit from his leadership.

    The greenskins are led by a black orc warboss on boar with boots of kickin' and the weapon that allows reroll to hit. Therefore he gets 5 attacks with rerolls. He rides a boar and wears heavy armor for added protection.

    A small mob of 7 squig hoppers are there for the chaotic and "hard hitting" purposes. Well, they're hard hitting against elves and humans, at least.

    Two spear chukkas and a rock lobber help the greens whittle down a few of the enemy units.

    Ten wolf riders help round out the battlefield coverage and march block.


    I will begin posting shopping/army list questions soon about Empire, since I'm currently acquiring troops to field a 2k army (with better artillery! and detachments!)


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    Empire and Orc, two very different armies.

    Welcome to LO. We can always use another good fantasy member.
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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