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    Veteran Players To Me!!!!

    Greetings, I am a veteran player of Warhammer 40000, since the very first edition! Now it is almost 20 years that I collect WH40K armies and I can say with reason that I love this game! I' ve see the game develop and the background growing up and taking form, expecially the miniatures that today are very beautiful and detailed. The same thing I cannot say for the rules, that, for reasons of marketing of course, are becoming easier and easier and push many players like me and my old friends to modify them and making them a bit more advanced...only because we are not children of 13 years more!! I appreciate of course some semplifications of the game, expecially the division between different types of army sections (HQ, Elites, Troops and so on...), the assault phase and the chance of combining shooting and charging with assault weapons, which makes the game more deadly=faster and not day-consuming. You must have already listened to all these argouments so I won't be long: the editions from 3° to 5° make possible a big game (of about 1500-2500 Pv) without spending 6+ hours on it, but the 1°-2° editions have things inside them that more fit to advanced players who like more realism, diversification between wargear and weapons, a Psi-Phase that is very thrilling and a Close Combat that makes count a higher WS!!!
    I would like to create a good set of rules that can go between the two kind of games that the older and new rules incarnate.
    I have a lot of material to share, like expanded lists of Wargear\Chaos Rewards\Biomorphs\Skills\Veteran Skills\Standards\Vehicle Cards and so on, all for the 2° edition style of game but that can be easily converted for the latest editions. I've also compiled a collection of home rules, skirmish rules and codexes for the 2° editions that convert armies never appeared for that editions, like the Tau, the Dark Eldar and the 4 Gods of Chaos' Armies etc...
    My Armies are:
    Space Wolves, Eldar, Harlequins, Genestealer Cult, Tyranid (Huge!), Tau, Orkz, Slaneesh, Nurgle, Khorne, Tzeentch and Black Legion. The Chaos Armies have been created with the old style of the 1° edition, with no mixing of different Chaos God's warriors or daemons.
    I'm a Player ffrom Italy, Tuscany, province of Siena: if some one is near contact me and we shall grind ourself away in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium!!!!
    Thank u for reading this old-man's babbling and feedback!!!!

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    Hey, welcome to LO.

    tbh, 5th Ed put me off 40K completely. Kudos to you for still sticking to it despite all the changes (not all of them for the batter). And I couldn't help but notice that you only have one SM legion! Congrats on not buying into GWs marketing schemes.

    Enjoy the forums- the 40K ones are hugely active-, maybe join a VW or something when you're confident in your list-building skills, and feel free to pop over to LO Chat (the denizens rarely bite).


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