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    ++i am the hammer...++

    Hi Everyone!

    Just thought i'd introduce myself. I'm James and i've not played any GW games for about 10 years!

    Recently been reading a lot of Black Library books and decided to get back into it!

    I have the following Codex which I have acquired over the past few years just to read:

    Eye of Terror (3rd/4th Ed?)
    Space Wolves (3rd Ed?)
    Black Templars (4th Ed?)
    Chaos Space Marines (4th Ed?)
    Daemon Hhunters (3rd Ed?)
    Witch Hunters (4th Ed?)

    I really wanted to get myself a Daemonhunters force and a CSM force. After reading a few threads on here it seems the Daemonhunters are in need of an update so I may hold fire on those for the moment?

    For my CSM force I wanted a World Eaters Army. In the Codex I have it allows you to take squads of Khorne Berserkers, Thousand Sons, Plague Marines and Noise Marines. I'm wondering therefore if a World Eaters Army is viable to do in a "fluffy" way or whether it'd be incredibly unbalanced?

    I still have my original love for the Space Wolves too but again may wait to see if new models/Codex come out in the near future.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    You don't often see your history, first buying loads of codei and then (re-)starting armies. Let us know what you choose!

    I would also go for CSM, it has more different options and choices, making it more interesting for a first army.

    SW are rumoured to be updated late next year.
    Got a "good" rumour from a GW staffer? Forget about it, LO'ers know more than any random GW shop staffer.
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