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    No beginners here...

    ok i been playing warhammer /40k since... well im 23 now and started when i was 9 so... ummm... *opens calculator*... 14 years, well not strictly true as i only played a game again last week after a 1-2 yrs absense of playing games, think i just got burnt out and had a load of other stuff to do.

    well anyways im old skool before that phrase became cool like mr t had bling before chavs crucified that area. started off with empireas ive yet to see anything come off the better when colliding with a cannonball at high velocity. then started collecting dwarves as at the time were an unpopular army during the hero hammer edition, still miss the card magik system.

    as i used dwarves for many years ive developed several things, i actually hold grudges, i hate elf players/collectors, i have little regard for magic (despite my friends keep showing me the warriors of chaos book lists).

    well out of nostalgia for my roots and a healthy hatred of all things chaos and wah wah wah i so butt hard in combat i like a ogre dragon champoin with sword of death wah wah wah. i decided i could stomach no more the sheer amount of newbie players using my beloved dwarves (poorly, note its the poor playing that hurts my soul) it was high time i took a stand gainst this heresy.

    so i have dug out my old empire (which nobody uses in the shop i ferquent anymore so i feel special again), bought some new models to make a reasonable army and had a bash.

    after a crushing defeat against undead i decided the old ways are too far removed from current warhammer to be effective, no longer do volley guns and mages on dragons casting banishment with total power rule the roost.

    so here i am looking to brush up on several finer pointsof the game.

    as a side note i was gutted when i saw the so called lord of the end times was revised as having a hand wepon, i loved it when my light wizard cast pha's illumination and cause his weapon was magic he couldnt hurt me, as my wizard was mounted i outnumbered him and ran him down. i love thinking of him now having a complex, running away from white robes and pointy hats.

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    hi there and welcome Hope you will like the site
    Blackhat's new blog network for terrain crafters!

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