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    Black Hawk Says Hi

    Hi people!

    My names Aaron, and Im a Warhammer 40K player. When I fist started 40K I was introduced to the Tau, their stand and shoot style of play suited me perfectly. About a year later my Tau were all painted rubbishly, so I moved onto Necrons, hoping to swap shoting for some up close and personal close combat. Later, did I find, Necrons were far from the perfect close combat army. After eventualy collecting 2500 points worth of necrons, I am still driven by a strange blood lust. Im looking to start a Chaos Marines army.

    Hmm... My playing style? It differs...
    With my Necrons (My main army), I prefer to use a "Block" tactic. Everything is one big happy family, and they stick together, 1 squad being indistinguishable from the next. Now you try telling me you can take out a solid compact block of save 3+ necrons!

    With my Tau, an army which I sold at discount price to someone who liked my hideous paint scheme, I liked a more flexible army. Scince my enemies are chaos marines and 'nids, I needed to pimp out as many high strength hits as possiable, pulse rifles are very good at this. With 3 hammerheads, I could lay down a very powerful variable of str 10 shots and str 6 pie plates!

    As for Chaos, an army I am yet to collect, I plan to have 3 troops choices that sepecialise in close combat. Those troops have the option to call upon a daemon prince and greated daemon should they need to.

    ~ Black Hawk

    Battle Report: Necrons Vs Chaos Marines & Orks

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    Welcome. We'd love to see pics of your minis

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