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Thread: Oi oi!

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    Oi oi!

    Hey ups Everyone!

    New to the Forums and would just like to inroduce myself(even though nobody probably reads these) - But Anyways lets get on with it!

    I First Started Playing Warhammer Fantasy about 5 or 6 years ago i remember having a big paddy because me sisters(who i would like to refer to as the two ugly sisters from cinderella!) used to basically rip the s**t out of me on every occasion for it!

    I also once had a paddy because i bought a unit or Dark Elf Warriors expecting them to be snap fit like the hobby starter kit(remember the bretonnian archers?) but to my dismay i found a box full of which for lack of a better word...c**p.
    I found it incredably hard to model even the feet on to the bases and then when it came to doing the standard bearer you could propbably have found me in my bathroom trying to slit my wrists(joke).

    But needless to say as soon as the LOTR films came out i like i'm sure many of you did them all about 6 times, which was all good because my mum loves LOTR more thn me!

    I then Started collecting LOTR models and found these alot simpler to Model and Play.

    I had a few games but then i grew out of Table Top Gaming for a while.

    I've recently Started again a few months ago, partly due to an absolute boredom of WoW and my Girlfriend allowing me too.

    I now find that having a Job and paying for models with my own money is alot more satisfying than begging parents to lend me (just) £50 for a Battalion...which never worked!.

    I also now have alot more appreciation for the Models and how much detail it takes to design just a single one.

    Needless to say i'm sure many of you have done this also.

    I wasn't sure which army to collect, i wanted a shooty army so i looked into dwarves, i looked into the background and found i really liked the story, so i bought the army book and a unit of thunderers - Then i Got Bored of these guys.

    I did the Same with Empire and Ogre Kingdoms - but neither of them took my fancy.

    Then something amazing happened.

    My Girlfirend best mate told me that her boyfriend also Played Warhammer. RESULT!

    Now me and him are both booked in for a begginers course at GW Leeds on the 28th, him with him Tomb Kings and me with Vampire Counts! Let the Ancient War be Relived!(hopefully with a different Result!)

    I'm sencerly looking forward to getting back into Warhammer and meeting Loads of sound new people, i am also looking forward to hopefully playing a mayjor part in the forums on this website(both helping and being helped).

    Talk to you all shortly

    Kingly Regards

    Vamporius x

    ''CRY HAVOC...and let loose the Dogs of War!''

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    Welcome to the site!

    That's quite an introduction!

    Can't say I'm a Fantasy player myself, but there are tons of people on here who are so don't be afraid do shout if you need anything!

    It's also good to have a fellow England-er around!

    Enjoy your time on the site!

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