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    Returning to the Hobby

    I s'pose this is the place where you get all the "hi how are yeh" threads.

    Haven't played Wh40k for almost a year but now I find that I have time, money and transportation.... so I've decided to get back into the addiction.

    Used to play Black Templars and I still have the force but I couldn't tell you how many points it is. I'm guessing around 3000. Collected the army over the years, going in and out of interest.

    Recently acquired Dawn of War and played that.. which sparked the love again. This all started way back when I was into model trains. Went to a hobby shop and grew keenly interested in the dangerous looking models that the Hobby Store was displaying. My brother took more of the interest then I did at that point. purchasing himself a blood angels death company complete with chaplain. After awhile I bought my first model, a techmarine (which still holds strong in my army, despite a mediocre paint job) next came assault marines... which I inappropriately equipped with plasma pistols that had long been left over from the Death Company sprue. After that came the Starter Box... the one with the Land Speeder and Dark Eldar. I don't know what happened to the Dark Eldar, but the Tactical squad is now divided somewhat yet all members are still in full service. The Landspeeder having been reinforced with a Tornado Companion, after I equipped the lone craft with a Multi-melta.

    Anyways, the army is a book with many chapters written in different languages and divided in character so much that it has a very unique one. I want my next force to be much more uniform, little difference in paint scheme, with a much more flexible game plan than that of the "Run in and kill 'em all" style of play that the Black Templars have. At first I thought of jumping the complete parallel and going with Tau, but I just can't see myself letting go of Close Combat that easily.

    Thus I've decided to make my own chapter. Right now i've just been in the research phase. Seeing what units I might want, and developing the character/color/style of the army. I need help though 'cause the more I look the bigger my eyes get.

    I'm not too familiar with the new rules, nor Apocalypse, so right now I'm just looking at making a tactically flexible fighting force, with the idea of having the organization chart at full, maybe some options as things go on.

    The Idea was...


    Commander and Command Squad (I'm gonna keep it simple in terms)
    Chaplain (Tailored to fight along side either Assault or Termie)


    Sternguard* with Razorback
    Sternguard* or Dreadnought


    Tactical Squad with Vet. Sergeant
    Tactical Squad with Rhino
    Tactical Scouts OR Tactical/CC Scouts
    Sniper Scouts**

    Fast Attack

    10-man Assault Marines
    2 Standard Land Speeders, 1 Tornado, and 1 Typhoon. ***

    Heavy Support****

    Land Raider
    Thunderfire Cannon

    *= I've seen alot of debate. I mainly selected these 'cause the Miniatures are very nice, and they would fit in with the fluff of my force. I was also thinking about taking an Ordo Xenos Kill team until I figured that there wouldn't be a point with Sternguard. The question goes to the players who've either played them or play them: Are they really really worth it? They seem to be a beef'd up Tac squad, and do they do what you want them to do at least 50% of the time?

    **= Read on a forum that they aren't quite what they used to be in the new 5th Edition rules. GW Article sold me on them, with pinning and high accuracy, not to mention the added missle launcher or Heavy Bolter that they would receive.

    ***= 1st: I was thinking about keeping the gunner's loose, and maybe 1-2 having a Multi-Melta that I could swap around with the other speeders. Would anyone suggest this, and even better... has anyone tried it themselves? The Multi-Melta is pretty Devastating as It was the first vehicle I've had and has always served me well, but I was wondering if the heavy bolter would serve just as good.
    2nd: Are all variants conveiniently packaged in one box now?

    ****= 1st: Are new Devastator Models all plastic? I got a box of the Metal/plastic hybrids and I was happy that I was playing an army that utilized very very few heavy weapons. If the guns and guys are plastic now I'm sold. 2nd: Whirlwind or Thunderfire Cannon, I've heard they serve similar purposes but I'm not experienced with either of them.

    I'm not planning on getting everything all at once as that would most likely kill my enthusiasm with a Ordenance blast.

    I was thinking....

    Commander and Command Squad

    SM Battleforce (Assault Squad, Scouts, 15 Tacs and a Rhino)

    oh yeah, and the new rulebook and Codex.. hurrrr

    Would anyone have any suggestions on how to follow up to keep things Balanced? With the long term objective of getting 90% of that list above?

    Name: Arcadian Gryphonnes
    Colors: Red, Blue, and White
    Tactica: Flexibility. Units are trained to be able to fulfill at least two battlefield objectives. The secondary tactics being out-flanking and striking hard.

    Background: Set in the Segmentum Pacificus near the Veiled Region. The Arcadian System is the last Imperial System standing in the immediate region. Peppered by Pirate Raids from the Dark Eldar and small scale Ork Waaaaghs! The minimally supplied chapter has taken up somewhat unorthodox approaches to dealing with the Alien Menaces. Being relatively young, they have little access to the few suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armour they were bestowed, often only seen on or accompanied with Commanders. This has given rise to the extended use of Power Armour even into the Veteran units. Many units are Ordo Xenos veterans, and this has risen in the supply of specialist ammunition granted to the distant chapter. Units are also trained to work without communication or reinforcement for months. Their few Librarians have studied the alien intensely, using data acquired from the Scouts and that received from the Xenos veterans. This has lead to extremely effcient tactics that minimalize losses while maximizing destruction when attacking an enemy. Often utilizing an Orks impatience and hot head against itself, or leading a Dark Eldar raiding party into an inferno of heavy weapons fire.
    Indeed they work closely with the Systems local Imperial Guard Divisions. Orchestrating Mass counter-assaults and cleanses of the Alien purge. When an unsuccessful Waaagh! left the Ork taint to hide and grow in Arcadia III's forests, they set out on an extensive campaign to efficiently cleanse the entire planet of the alien scum. After 20 years without a sight of the greenskin menace by locals and lookouts, it was announced that the planet was free of the menace, but that doesn't stop more raids from outside.
    The Gryphonnes have attracted the eye of the Inquisition by their unorthodox organization. Instead of separating the soldier types between companies, each company features it's own scouts and veterans, with certain companies fulfilling similar tactics to their Codex-strict bretheren. It is also speculated that they number 150 to 200 men per company, as apposed to the Codex 100.

    I'm planning on using the Raptors/Mentors shoulder pads available from the GW online store, as well as the Raptor Terminator Shoulder Pads and Raptor tank doors from Forgeworld to give the army a bonafied Official Chapter feel, as apposed to just a fancy paint job. Not to mention I'm not very good at just painting simple logos, and I dislike tranfers with a passion.

    Thanks for reading, glad to hear thoughts/revisions/witty remarks to how much things have changed since I've last played.

    Last edited by Snaeper; February 17th, 2009 at 04:18.

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    That's one heck of an intro post. Welcome to the forum mate.

    You might want to cut and paste this again in the marine section, you'll be more likely to get some qualified responses there.

    Welcome to the forum again.
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