OK, I've been in the forum for a couple months now and I've decided my name is a bit confusing, as soon as I figure out a way to change my name, Look for Shas'O'M'Yen...as the patient hunter....the closest word the Interpreters could come up with is (Unforseen).

Well lets see; About 9th grade i started collecting blood angels, and Yes I've given up on them, they are hard to master and I was buying all the wrong models. I decided to go for the greater good which is a fun shooty army

I'm currently in trade school and still loyal to games workshop, I'm almost finished with my small warband, and I want to build up to a 3,000pt Tau army sometime, but as I kinda hinted, interests are somewhere else like college and girls.

If you add warhammer to it, it gets expensive! LoL...Be faithfull, and collect in small portions so you have time to paint them all. I hope to put pictures up in the Tau gallery by sometime next week of my Crescent Moon huntre cadre.