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    Hey whats up kiddlies

    Hey I'm psychomidget, I've been gaming for *counts on fingers, fails and recounts* well this is my 7th year, and I've been playing a little too many armies. My "main" armies (what a load of crap) are my Orks which I love and my Death Guard which can piss off any gamer I want to Hurray for zero casualties in 3 shooting phases \m/

    I've also got a lot of Ultramarines, Gothmarines (my tailored marine army, every kid needs one), Eldar, Thousand Sons and I'm working on a Witch Hunter's army. Oh I had a Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children army, as in I've got the models but they're half converted...

    I think some of you might recognise we from The Waaagh! (steelfist), Work in Progress, Bolter and Chainsword, Heresy Online, it goes on and I don't remember some of them because I fail.

    Oh, and I'm infamous in my local GW for buying lots, converting even more than I buy (figure that out) and painting like ten models and telling people I've got an army. Well I'm making ammends now kinda and I'm going to be painting a motherload of models... dear God...

    Anyways, that's me, love it or hate it but it doesn't matter which cos I will see you around (Y)


    I think I've sniffed a little too much plastic glue this fine evening.. righto

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    Welcome to LO. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Please visit the painting projects subforum and look into the project threads about people who set deadlines and have group projects to keep you from getting discouraged. I myself would rather convert all day, so you'll more than likely only see me in the modeling thread.
    Sleeping, not dead.
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