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Thread: Hello all.

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    Hello all.

    So hello to everyone whose reading.

    So i finally got the nerve to register here to share my thoughts and get feedback.
    I'm only playing WH40k, though i'm kinda keep to learn about WH fantasy too but thats for later.

    I started playing 40k just before 4ed was released if i remember correctly. I mostly played with my friends armies then but then decided to go buy an army for my self. The first one was Daemon hunters. I didnt have too mutch of these, mostly a squad or terminators, every HQ choice, few squads of knights, all assasins, one landrider and two dreadnoughts. I played against every army with these except orks i belive. Some loses and some wins, nothing special. Then my attention came to Tyranids and they caught my fancy so i sold my Hunters to a friend (who has lost every game with them so far ) and started to collect Tyranids.
    I now have a somewhat large army and im buying more to enter Apocalypse games in the near future. Im painting them with Kraken colour theme with a few twists thrown in. So far i've only lost to Chaos Daemons. Only won 2 games out of 6 against them. Still trying to build a good army list against them.

    Right, i think thats about it then.

    Oh, if someone reading has a good Nid list against Daemons then pls PM me?

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    welcome aboard and I hope you find everything you might be seeking here.

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