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    Hi, im zombie...brainssssssssssss!

    Hi, im new to 40k. I play imperial guard, and my friend plays chaos. I have NO idea how to play other then what is in the 5th edition rule book...so i basicly know how to role the dice...and the 3 phases. If anyone has a good 1,000 point army then please feel free to share.

    I have a good idea of what i want in my army,
    This is all under a 1,000 point game. Im aiming for a mechanized/vehicle heavy army. Since my friend and I plan on doing 2 v 2 games, and his strategy is to camp in cover and fire, I would like my forces to be able to move up, take a position, and allow his chaos units to move up. Originaly I planned on getting:
    Storm Trooper (melta & G launcher) 100pts
    Sentinel (Hvy Flamer) 40pts
    Sentinel (Lascannnon) 50 pts
    Vendetta Gunship (2 sponsons w/ Hvy Boltor) 140pts
    Leman russ exterminator 150pts
    Leman russ exterminator 150pts
    Tech Priest Enginseer 45pts
    Hvy Wep Squad (Auto Cannon) 65pts
    Inf Squad (2 men with flamers) 60pts
    Inf Squad (Replace 4 men for 2 hvy weps with mortors) 60pts
    Ratlings (plus one model) 40pts
    Veterans (forward sentries) 100pts

    See now here was my strategy. While my friends chaos units stay bunkerd up, i was gona have most of my units move up and set up a firebase.
    Have the leman russ exterminators run defense for the mortors, auto cannon, and tech priest. Ill have the storm troopers and the ratlings run up one flank, and the veterans and inf squad with flamers the other flank.

    Meanwhile the the gunship is just strafing the enemy line, keeping them in cover and a stationary targets for the mortors. If they do try to advance the gunship will cut them down, and if they try to move ther vehicles up to my men flanking then the sentinel with the las cannon can either go try to make it to them, thought (im not to sure) i think that the vendetta comes with a lascannon or 2, wich could take them out.

    Since the infantry moves slow, my sentinels will be able to run around flaming infantry and lascannon any vehicle in sight before the rest of my force moves up. Of course anyone with a brain brought a anti-vehicle wepone and thats were the ratling goes "oh look....a head...BOOOOM HEADSHOT!"

    If i were to encounter anything tough, I could stop my advance, put my sentinals back at the firebase (get some repairs from the tech priest) and send the exterminators to go get rid of whatever problem i ran into.

    Since i havnt purchased any of these units, i was wondering weather or not that these are suitable choices for my strategy, or if the unit choices need to be tweaked or if ther wargear just needs a swap here and ther.

    Oh and anyone got any good paint schemes, i mean apart from the ones that come in the imp guard codex. I mean dont get me wrong some of the schemes are cool, and the storys behind them even better, but id like somthing that people around my area havnt seen before...and make sure if u say a color that you post a link, because I have NO idea what any color is unless its simple crayola crayon colors....I.E. red,black,grey

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    Welcome to LO!

    You might find better luck posting like this in the Imperial Guard sub-forum (if you haven't already). Lots of IG players there will be happy to help you.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to LO!

    It's good to have a fellow IG player around!

    Feel free to post any questions in the Guard section, as people will be more than willing to help with any querys you have!

    Enjoy your time on the boards!


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    Yes, well welcome to LO!

    There can never be enough Guardsmen after all.

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