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Thread: Hi there

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    Hi there

    Hi. Random history:

    In 2006 I went on vacation to several places in Europe, and in Cambridge, I walked by a Games Workshop many times, and being the slightly nerdy 13 year old that I was, I immediately resolved to investigate this magical looking store (there were displays in the window so people outside could see. I eventually convinced my family to go off one day without me so I could find out what it was all about. I spent a few hours in there, mostly browsing all the cool box sets and such, and eventually overcame my shyness and asked the guy working there how the game worked and he showed me, also doing one of those painting lesson things. Everything seemed to be focused on the Fantasy side of warhammer, since the Skull Pass set was about to come out (pre-orders were being taken). It wasn't out yet, and wasn't cheap, and also would probably not be best to take on a plane later on, so I just tried to find out if the store had a location in Canada. I eventually forgot about all that stuff...

    And then a year later, my friend had recieved a gift certificate for a local independent retailer, so I tagged along so he could buy whatever it was. I realized all this stuff was warhammer stuff and was happy that I could try to get into it finally. At some point I had magically saved a bunch of money bought a battle force (Tau), a paint (only one) and brush. I remember them showing us how to play 40k, which was more popular than FB at the store. I only played one or two games at the time, and with borrowed armies (we didnt have armies yet or enough stuff to play at first), and it was really interesting. Blew my ego like hell when I killed a chaos dreadnaught with a guy who I think was a commisar whose unit had already died at some point (i think). I didn't have much money after buying my battleforce, so after I put my stuff together (the guys at the store lent me some plastic cutters, glue, etc) I couldn't afford more paint, or primer, or anything, and I didn't really have income. I gradually forgot about it, since I didnt have everything I needed to play.

    Now, this was two years ago, and I recently got back into the mindframe of getting into this hobby, so I'm working on getting a job. I know its pricey, so this is the only way I can get my act together and do what I've wanted to for a long time. In my quest to learn as much as I can about the game, and my Tau army (one thing I noticed is i cant find good FAQ links. games workshop pdfs dont seem to load for me), I eventually found this forum, and decided I would eventually join, after I got primer/an HQ/paints and such, preferrable against things I saw like WarSeer and TauOnline. Something about here just feels better.

    and I decided to join earlier than I had planned because of a thread I wanted to post in. 2 years a noob, but I hope I can get into everything soon.

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    Hey welcome to LO Bluesystem.

    Money and Warhammer are stark enemies, and refuse to reside in the same person's possession, it is an unfortunate state. However I always feel the hobby is definitely worth the money I spend.

    Also for some reason I always thought you got enough in the Tau Battleforce to make a starting army, use the Crisis suit as a commander, then the fire warriors and kroot for troops choices.

    First step in, make sure you grab yourself a copy of the Tau Codex! The Rule book might be worth grabbing as well (horridly expensive as it is) then move into what units you want for your army from there!

    Either way, best of luck, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

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