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    If it smells of Jurgen I must be in the right place

    Hey, guys, just got into the whole WH40K bit. Read some Ciaphas Cain novels and fell for the universe, now I'm taking the plunge and seeing if an old geezer like myself can play this game.

    I got the AoBR starter set (already looking to trade those orks) and I bought a tactical squad plus SM's that came with the starter paint set. Looking to set up an army and get a game or 2 in, hopefully the young pups will go easy on the old man.

    I''ve been offered a considerable SM army at a good price of the following:

    1 Tactical Squad
    1 Devastator Squad
    1 Terminator Squad
    1 Scout Squad
    1 Marnius Calgar with 4 Honor Guard
    1 Chaplain Cassius
    1 Liberian Tigurius
    1 Biker Chaplain
    2 Scout Squads one squad is regular and heavy weapons and the other is a sniper squad
    3 Land Speeders
    1 Dreadnought
    1 Venerable Dreadnought
    1 Techmarine with full servo harness and 4 servitors
    1 Predator tank
    1 Rhino Tank
    1 Vendicator Tank
    1 Landraider Crusader

    Will that be enough to make me semi-competitive? (I don't care about winning all so much but I don't want to get the floor wiped with myself, either.).

    Anybody have any idea what kind of point total that army is? They are all painted (Ultramarines), and since my painting skills are suspect at best (I'll post the sad little SM I painted with the starter set).

    I'd really like to go with a different army. At first I was considering the Black Templars but I was told they are pretty much close quarters fighters and it's probably best a noob stand back and lob projectiles.

    If I strip them down is there an army that might play into my hands? Someone who uses loads of tanks and bolters and stands out from the norm?

    Also, can I recruit Sisters of Battle into an SM army, or would they only work with someone like the Grey Knights (practically inquisitors themselves)? I think it would be awfully cool to rush a crazed bunch of power armored nuns into the fray every now and then.

    That was one hell of a long introduction. If anyone lives in or around Dallas and wouldn't mind teaching a 41 year old father of 1 the tricks of the trade that would be most appreciated.


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    Hello young pup. By my standards anyway.

    Welcome to LO. You may want to post your questions in the relevant 40k forum. You will get better answers there.

    Enjoy your time here.
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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    Hi there! If you're getting a good price for that wonderful selection of models, hooray! My brother played Ultramarines, and he loved them. One thing that I believe happened is that that GW nerfed the Ultramarines special characters at some point. I don't know if Tigurius ever made a comeback.

    I respect Ultramarines. Before their first book came out I used to justify my worship of Slaanesh by pointing out how freakish and evil Space Marines were. Then, out of the blue (ha ha) the book came out, and it was like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table come back from the past.

    Clad in deep blue armor, with the thunder of the god Emperor in their fists, the light of the Ultramarines burns away my web of lies and deceit, and I am humbled and cast down...

    Not like those mutant Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels...

    Oh well! So nowadays I just worship Slaanesh 'cause He/She/It is my darling deity! But when the hosts of the Ultramarines march to battle, sometimes I long for a million years ago before my fall from grace, and just a little bit, I wish I were marching with them...

    Only ones more virtuous than the Ultramarines are the Sisters of Battle! I'm sorry to tell you that the Witchhunter army list does not allow Ultramarines and Sisters in a Witchhunter army at the same time. It would be overkill to send both forces you see, when the marines go marching in, the Sisters may be deployed on other fronts, knowing that all will be well.

    Slaanesh bless and cherish you!

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