Hey all.

I'm fergo. I used to be on the Black Library forums before they went... squiffy. Now I'm on the excellent Black Library Bolthole, the hiding place for quite a large proportion of the writers on the old forum.

Advertising aside, I'm here to find and message dienekes, who I believe to be on here. There's a tiny chance that he has a saved version of one of my old stories which was lost when the forums dissapeared. Besides, I promised to read all of his superb Dunes and Destiny, and I only ever got 'round to finishing the first book.

While I'm here, though, I'll probably be posting a few stories of my own, and reading other people's. I have much less free time than I used to, though, so I'm sorry if I'm a less than frequent poster (besides, I've had writers' block for months now... still, a new forum full of good stories often helps overcome that).

So, hello everyone.

That's all, folks.