Hey Guys,

I've recently decided to return to Warhammer after a 6-7 year break. My first project will be to refurbish my Blood Angels and after that maybe finish off my Tomb Kings.

I play a lot more 40K than Fantasy and prefer 40K over all. My first 40k army was Eldar, followed by Tau, Blood Angels and Imperial Guard. I also have Tomb Kings, High Elves and Lizard Men for Fantasy.

When I write my army lists I like them to be competitive but still follow a theme/set background. For example my Eldar army is Ulthwe Craftworld and so solely comprises guardian units and psykers, though some Howling Banshees did make it into the 1500pt list.

I've decided to theme my Blood Angels on the third company post Tycho (after his death in the third war for Armageddon). To accomplish this I'm planning to convert a new captain and model any sergeants, veterans and honour guard as if they are wearing mourning robes/sackcloth. This is going to have to wait however until after my university exams.

I'm currently in my final year of a Mechanical Engineering degree and at present that takes up most of my time, though I'm hoping to resume playing in earnest as soon as my exams have finished.

Thank you to anyone who read this. No doubt you will all hear more from me in the future.