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    Hello + Questions!

    I'll start off with a hearty hello! I recently got back in to Warhammer (after two years or so of going off of it for whatever reason (probably insanity)) and I'm back! I've been browsing these forums for a few weeks now, and finally decided to take the plunge and join up.

    Unlike the majority of users I see around these parts (at least those who post), I am not from the USA, but from England (the birthplace of Warhammer, of course!). Although I do not go to Games Workshop, as the one that used to be around me closed a while ago, and the nearest one is an hour or so in the car (oh the drudgery ) I keep my hobby mainly to myself, fawning over books and models. I recently dug out my Chaos army. I say Army, I meant a unit of Warriors who are barely even stuck together, and a Sorcerer, which leads me on to my questions!

    I've recently started painting my Warriors of Chaos a good ol' Nurgle paint scheme (because who wouldn't want to be a follower of a rotting and boil ridden deity?) which consists of Chaos Black as a basecoat, which is then covered in Knarloc Green for the armour, cloak, etc, which I then highlight with Camo green. Face is done with Rotting flesh which I highlight with bleached bone (one that I dull down slightly). For starters, is that a good scheme for a Nurgle following army?

    Secondly! Do I construct my Warriors before or after painting? The models are quite detailed, and the cloak can be tricky to get behind the body, but I was wondering what was the 'accepted' norm around here.

    Thirdly! As I happen to have joined at the begining of a new Edition, rendering my old rulebook useless (blast), I thought I'd ask how radically the rules have been changed, and if it would be worth purchasing the Warriors of Chaos army book or waiting until a new edition of it (not sure if that'll be soon or not) is released?

    And finally (at last!): What would be a good way to expand my army with the changes to rules? I'd had planned on getting some Knights of Chaos, a Nurgle Champion, and a Chariot to begin with. I debated getting some Marauders, but I find the modelling on the arm to shoulders joint fairly clumsy, and I'm not sure I could correct it.

    I'll apologise if my questions are far too related to the Warriors of Chaos section of the forums, and if needed I will gladly move them over there! I thought I may aswell add them to my introduction.

    I look forward to your responses, and, well, hello!

    Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle) - Warhammer Fantasy Battles

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    Hello, and welcome to LO! I don't play WHFB, so I can't answer most of your questions. As for assembly first vs. painting first, it really depends on what you want to do. If you're trying to win painting competitions, I think the norm is to paint first, then assemble. However, if your main concern is having a good looking army to play with, many of us ( myself included ) assemble first, then paint. The general idea being, if it's that difficult to get your paint behind that cloak, how many people are actually going to see it. Hope this helps.

    Also, you may want to post your questions in the various other sections of the forum (painting, WoC, etc.) as you'll probably get more responses. I don't know how many people actually peruse the Intro area.
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    Hello and welcome back. Glad to see your insanity has at least been moderated, you do play chaos after all.

    As to your questions, about the army book. The army book won't be outdated. It is still totally good, and there will be an errata posted to clear up any issues with the new edition. You will have to get a new basic rule book though. Lots of changes coming to that.

    As for expanding your army, I would wait until the new edition actually releases to figure out what to add if you are not in a hurry. Never know how things will actually turn out.

    Painting and modeling I am not expert at. But usually it is a little of both. Leave off the peripherals, like the shield and cloak but assemble the rest as you may need to use some green stuff to fill some cracks and you don't want to do that after painting.

    Anyway, enjoy the forum,
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    Welcome to LO!

    It's a good painting scheme. As long as you're satisfied with the result, it's even better!

    The order you want to paint/assemble models isn't necessary to discuss since it's all up to preferences Personally, I assemble my models first, to get a preview of the finished product, hehe...

    Make sure that the book you currently have is the one that's for sale. I'd also suggest that you buy the new rulebook when it's released.

    And finally... Listen to your heart! Choose what you think are the coolest units, build an army that you can be proud of. Shape a taactic after you've built a COOL army


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