Well after a hiatus with a huge decision to move forward in my
school and trade (I am a culinary student) Now with a half completed
associates degree....

I have recently taken a break from L.O. trying to get life sorted
out....but life gets the best of us sometimes and we make
decisions and don't look back....I have recently taken two
weeks (about a month ago) to relocate to AUSTIN TEXAS!

I am now in Le Cordon Blue culinary arts Bachelors program!!!
Im totally loving it! (along with all the hard pressure from all
my restaurant management classes.

I have fixed my WiFi on my laptop so I hope to be on here
more frequently and hope to show off some armies off
that are in completion and have been completed

I look forward to meeting new faces and if anybody is in
the Austin area any recommendations on hobby stores
in the montopolis area?

Hope to catch up with you guys, I've totally missed y'all