Well, I was looking for the "comings and goings" subforum , but it seems to be one of the many things that changed since last I was here. So, I guess I do like this instead.

I've been around this place almost since I started playing 40K and I've learned a lot of things in many various disciplines of the hobby here.
Though it was a long time since I was here I see some familiar names, a lot of you I call friends. Sure, you are all sligtly suffering from the Imaginaryfriends-syndrome, but still
So, what more to say to the new people? Though I try to play at least one game every year (and find it really fun) I am more of a modeller and a painter.
Doing some of this, some of that and have serious problems to finish either of them.
At the moment I'm working on four armies. Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels and a Nurgle CSM-army. I am also frustrated about the last edition of CSM-codex, since it really took a lot of the flavour from the dark gods.
That's about it I guess, for now at least.
Hope to find and update som of my old threads...soonish.