Hi everyone! My name is Jesse, I'm new to Librarium but not necessarily new to warhammer 40k. I used to play Witch hunters, and then I switched to space marines with witch hunters on the side. Then I quit for about a year, because I got distracted with other things, and now i'm comin' back with the Necrons on my side.
I just started a blog last night if anyone is interested, and some pictures of my completed models are going up A little bit later today, I have a lot of pictures to upload so it may take an hour or so. The plan is to keep the blog updated on my Necron journey, including modeling, and battle reports, some will be detailed, with pictures to keep it interesting when i have the time, and others will be simply the army played against, possibly a list, and the results. If you're interested check it out.

here's the link to my blog.