I thought i'd say hello again after being more or less off the forum for a year or so. Things that stopped me from posting (real life basically) is all sorted and so I am hoping to return to LO more regularly, I missed the community!

I last posted regularly about the time of the LO Meet 2010, but the things that happened that weekend...well all I can say is: The horror...the horror.

Not really of course but after a hectic 12 months of the end of some relationships, the start of other, turning 30, uncertainty at work (local government cuts) and moving house something had to give, and that something was LO unfortunately.

In my absence I have not been idle though, as I now have a place entirely to myself with a spare bedroom i've converted into a gaming and painting room I've even managed to get some games in! very rare for me- I had some success teaching a non-gaming friend 40k and we've had some good battles over the last few months, and another friend has found an affinity with Blood Bowl so we've been playing some of that too. The task for this summer is to get them into WHFB and hopefully even doing some sort of mini-campaign...well one can dream. My fallback is to play LotR with them ( I know I know) as I think they might enjoy the more streamlined (cough) rules system. So I've been buying up some LotR stuff on ebay recently.

So I hope to become reacquainted with you horrible lot, and start posting more inane rambling non-sequiters on the boards again. Tally ho!