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Thread: Hello LO

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    Hello LO

    I may be new to LO, but I have been playing GW games for 20+ years. I primarily run my beloved Eldar, but have played virtually every GW product ever produced at some time or another. I dust them off periodically to re-introduce different aspects of the hobby to newbs, and still jump on the chance to indulge in BB, Necromunda, or Mordheim tourney's.
    With Eldar alone I can currently field a full FOC tailored to each of the 'big 4', plus variants on themed builds (spirit host, wind-rider host, swordwind, etc) all at once for a truly apocalyptic game. I also have a number of small armies representing most of the races in the 40K universe, but those are generally reserved for introducing the hobby to others or to fill a local tourney gap, and so rarely play them.
    I am an avid reader of anything produced by the Black Library, and love both the cannon and fluff of the 40K universe. I have dabbled in WHFB with Orks/Gobbos, High Elves, and Dwarves, but always come home to 40K (and it's variants: BFG, Epic, Necromunda, etc) in the end.
    I recently relocated due to work and lost my regular gaming group... In fact, no-one here that I know of has even heard of GW, so this forum is now my only regular exposure to the gaming world. It's a 4+ hour drive to the nearest store that has a gaming group, but I am hoping introduce the game to the locals and spawn one here. Wish me luck!

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    Hey there (Avatar40K), wow that's quite a long time playing & i bet you've had & also still have some awesome games. I reckon that's awesome having that much Eldar so how big *point wise* do you have all together in Eldar? do you have a favorite Craftworld? my one is Craftworld Iyanden, i want to eventually start collecting a small force of Eldar.

    The current armies i have so far in 40k are: Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orks Chaos Space Marines, Black Templars, Witch Hunters, & a small force of both Imperial Guard & Tyranids & for Fantasy i have: Lizardmen & Skaven... for now hehe

    Well anyways you will get a lot of helpful advice here so enjoy your stay & welcome to LO.

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