Sorry that was a lame fish joke, inspired by my chosen forum name....I couldn't help it, it's just gone past 8pm and i'm bored of watching reruns!

By the way, I'm James/Rampant Haddock (Call me whatever you wish, though I doubt many of you will remember my name ).

I've just gotten back into Warhammer, having been on and off for like 8 years or so, and this time i'm determined to actually create a proper army. I'm thinking of going towards Orks because they have a relatively up to date codex and look AMAZING!. That and a Night Goblin army, totally appeals to me like a fish and water.

As i've started off at Uni, most of my time will be spent trying to find a job which hasn't had much luck so far but i've got a few interviews so hopefully I can starting bringing in the pay check for those mini's. I'll try to be active on the forums blah blah blah, i'll be closing this off now rather than bore you with everything I enjoy doing and whatnot.

Kind Regards

Rampant Haddock

ps. Do you know where I can find any tutorials on making chains out of greenstuff or have knowledge of people who have posted their models with them? I did a brief search inbetween episodes 11 and 12 of Married with Children earlier but no results.