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    Hi Librarium online people!


    Recently been lurking here quite a bit and thought that should join up to participate in the discussions. Long time member of Tau Online, which is now Second sphere, and have been looking for a new site to sink my teeth into.

    A little 40k history. Im a long time Ork player, started with the codex release of 3rd edition and the army itself has seen many revamps and over hauls. They have recently been stripped back and are awaiting to be repainted to a decent standard, rather than the day-before-the-tournemant drybrush job that they have had for the past 3 years or so. My other main army are my blood angels. Must confess that the current codex made me all excited, but it was the Space Hulk re-release a while ago that really got my interest in them. Never been much of a fan of power armoured armies, seeing as they are rather common, but an all terminator army really piqued my interest, and with the terminators in the space hulk box I couldn't resist

    Along side the Orks I am currently painting and converting a dark eldar themed harlequin army. I've found that painting orks really gets me down - I want really top notch models, but I also want to actually finish an army. I've found the best compromise is to do both things at the same time! Paint up a super crisp and clean Eldar army that I can lavish time and effort into, and when that leaves me exhausted I can switch to the washes and foundation colours and get my Orks done.

    In Warhammer I play Skaven and Undead, but not had too much success with them until this edition. My main problem was my opponents taking silly powerful units and the bare minimum of core choices. First game of fantasy was against the twin steam tank empire list. Yeah... Basic strategy with the skaven - shoot them lots, then swamp them!

    Other interests include Video games and I'm an avid Halo and Elder scrolls fan. Too much of both really

    Thanks for reading.

    (TL;DR version - nice to be here, I play orks.)

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    Welcome to the Forum dude!!!

    ORKs eh? Can't say I've have a lot of experience with them myself. I did a joke Grot army once which I took to a tournament which, bizarrely, won two out of it's three games. Go figure?? You're a good man for doing Blood Angels though. They were my first army and I still need to finish my 'new' Angel army. The Space Hulk box is awesome, although I'm too afraid to paint them in fear of ruining the models!!

    Undead did take a beating this edition which is a shame because I love the army!! Skaven are, apparently, one of the best armies out there so hopefully the skaven boys on the boards can offer you some cheeky tips. Anyway, have fun on LO.

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