Hello everybody! I am... VERY new to the world of Warhammer and all of it's lore thus far. I was first introduced to the universe of Warhammer through a friend of mine who was quite into it. I hadn't really done much in terms of looking into it until recently when I watched a FMV on youtube. Yes, a fan-made music video of Warhammer to the song Warriors of the World by Manowar is what really nailed me into looking into the games and such.

Anyways, I've got various pages involving the universe of Warhammer bookmarked for further use, so I am quite willing to learn about how everything works and such. Also, so you don't have to type out confusedindividual all the time, you can just type in CI93 and I'll know you're talking to me. It's just my overall internet handle.

So... This has been my personal introduction!

Link to the video I told you about: Warhammer - Warriors of the World - YouTube

I didn't make that video, a friend just showed it to me. *shrug*