Hi! everyone, I am a 'retired' historical gammer (too busy with work/ familyetc) getting back into hooby with my son. We've been collecting WotR dwarves and elves for a year and he now wants 40K Tau and I like army games rather than skirmish style so Warhammer Fantasy appeals more to me. I've looked over GW website and I don't like horror or evil armies, I was recomended to Empire but they don't excite so it comes down to dwarves and elves for the models and I really want to paint some of the Wood Elves more than any of the others so wood elves it is. My only concern is that from what I read they seem to be one of the weaker armies, or at least harder to succeed with which is a challenge to accept. No one likes to lose all the time even if having fun is the prime objective.