I recently got the bug to tinker with the 40k hobby again. And here I am, back into it!

After doing a search for my old posts, I cannot believe how utterly out of my mind I was a few years ago- lighting miniatures up, putting servoes into hammerheads, etc etc.. then- oddly enough- leaving them all 95% finished and moving on to other things!!


The Servoed Hammerhead is one of the old ones I dug up that still had all the photobucket links working, to give you an example. It really is sad that the hammerhead is still in its rubberbanded state, all crammed with electronics, utterly unpainted and unplayed with- once I got it all working at least once...

Well, in the meantime over the years my interests shifted a bit to self taught electronics, and BEAM robotics, so now, I can not only build a radio controlled hammerhead, I am nearing the point of making a self driving autonomous predator, with an onboard microcontroller (Arduino nano)- that moves 12" on its own, and seeks target models nearby, locking its autocannon on the nearest one. looking back on that servoed hammerhead, it all looks so.. clunky now. all those switches and lights and servoes can be driven by an arduino now, and take up 1/4th the space!!

.. or maybe a hacked webcam/phone camera in a dreadnaught model- bluetooth broadcasting its point of view to any laptop screen that wants to watch.

Stuff like that stewing around in my head. I am really into the Make magazine style tinkering. My hobby table looks like a mad scientists'- with electronic parts and scrap, and junkbot creations skittering/twitching/spinning all over it (ohh. the things I can DO with an old walkman cassete player or VCR!)and 40k miniatures is starting to creep back into the picture again. I am getting excited upgrading from hardwired LEDs and RC servoes systems to LEDS and servoes controlled by microcontroller.. much easier to work with and more compact! - with the feature of fading/pulsing LEDS now, and sound effects.

While I dont play much 40k anymore (I played Tau, and lost all heart to continue playing when Blood Angel Assault Marines outran all of my jetpack units by 50%), but have started to repaint and reorganize my old dusty collection, and with a forgiving Tau codex re release, may get back into things. Then again, my Orks will always make me smile, win OR lose.

So- yeah. Thats me! And I'm back!