By oldie I mean I'm in my mid 50's, but who cares about that... my 10 year old son went into a local Branch of Games Workshop recently and has had an intro game. He loved it, of course, and now I am worse off by £60 (O U C f*****g H !!!) for the intro game, Black Reach. Looking at eBay prices I guess Citidel are a very rich company!

We've built the models up and want to play our first 'how do the rules work' game. We have read the included books but there is no breakdown of individual models points value. Yes, on page 14 it shows the UNITS points value but not each model's. Somewhere in one of the books it says an Ork Boy is worth 8 points. On page 14 of the read me now book it says a unit of 20 Boyz is worth 130 points, that's actually 6.5 points per model. Already there is ambiguity... My Google for a points list has brought up no answer so far apart from buying Codex's for each Army, (another £50 for both books). Anyone point me to an online resource please?

Also, a (very) quick flick through these forums shows Army Lists with HQ's etc. I have NO IDEA what the expected format of these sorts of things is. So again, can anyone point me to a Total Newbies guide please?

OK, I'm off to Worthing GW as Alex wants to spend his pocket money. At these prices I doubt he'll get much though. Have a great day / evening.