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    Newb at being a newb without an army ;)

    Hola! It's very nice to be a part of such a great community!
    My name is Simon, I'm coming 17 andI am completly new to Warhammer and I cannot make my mind up with which Warhhammer FB army to go with Maybe you can guide me through?

    Hopefully I'll decide before the end of the world.
    Maybe not only I will be a burden (i have tons of questions) but maybe, someday, I'll contribute to the forum!

    Thanks for the attention and have a wonderful day!

    I can now understand why Warhammer miniatures are meant to keep you entertained for ages... I'm choosing my army for three weeks now...

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    Miskiek - welcome to the forum, and to the hobby! It would be great to see you around the forums, nobody is a burden here, as long as they try their best to follow the forum rules.

    How about peaking around at some of the different army forums and seeing if there are any that interest you. Some of the armies have stickied threads in their section that gives a nice beginner's guide to building and playing that army. And of course, you didn't just wake up one day and decide to play a game that you'd never seen or heard of, so what drew you into the game? Did you see Elves and think they looked cool, or did the Empire really catch your eye? Or do you like the heavy armored infantry from the Warriors of Chaos?
    Some general things to keep in mind are that the armies are all fairly well balanced in regards to their power levels. There are some armies who can turn the "cheese" volume up to 11, and there are others which only have a single armybuild that can ever hope to win. But for the most part, any army should have a reasonable chance at defeating another army if they are both in the hands of capable generals.

    That said, there are things to watch out for in 8th. Several of the books have been updated recently - Orks, Beastmen, Tomb Kings, Ogres, Vampire Counts, and now the Empire, have all been updated to fit with the 8th edition rules. The other armies come from 7th edition, with the exception of Wood Elves and Bretonnians, who were released at the end of 6th (with 7th in mind). 8th edition has put a few limiting factors on what you'll see on the battlefield. There are no "all cavalry" armies anymore, because cavalry has been hit very hard in this edition. If you have the choice of an army that focuses on Infantry or on Cavalry, go with the Infantry army for more power. Likewise, you're going to see much larger units these days. Horde armies like Skaven, Orcs, Tomb Kings, Vampires, and even the Empire all have a bit of an edge because they have troops who are better suited to being fielded in large blocks. That's not to say that you MUST have Horde armies to do well in the game - Warriors of Chaos and Lizardmen are possibly the two most solid books right now and they are Elite style armies with small units. You just need to have very solid elites if you want to win against a player who's brought hordes to the battle.

    That said, start firing away with the questions, we'll try to steer you in the right direction. Also, check out the thread below:
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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