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Thread: *tips Hat*

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    I recently started collecting Warhammer mini's due to playing Dawn of War far too much.

    Not the best way to be introduced to it, but it was effective...After I got my hands on a marine's boxed set that came with the paints and bits and what not (not bad for 20 bucks) I just enjoyed painting them. After a while I decided that I enjoyed it enough to actually get into the hobby. It was suggested to me by the GW folks that I start off with a Battle for Macragge set as it let me and my buddies get into the game quickly and effectively.

    I have only a few questions on the newbish side, and since I have yet to play a real game of Warhammer, they may sound rather dumb.

    After browsing through the codexes and devouring what I could find in them (Thanks to the boys at the local GW shop) I began my treck to find an army that I like.

    I narrowed it down to a few select choices :

    Space Marines : From what I hear they are uber newby friendly and ofcourse are quite solid (3+ armour roll, coke can sized projectiles...all good stuff) as well as being something I enjoyed from the Dawn of War game

    Sisters of Battle : The weird gothic feeling of them got to me. They're just as shooty as the space marines (albeit seemingly a bit more fire oriented) and can induct a wide variety of troop choices.

    Necrons : They can stand back up. That's all I needed to know and then I saw their wepons as well as sheer ease to paint...I was quite disappointed at how easy it was to paint them and they didn't particularly interest me like that.

    My questions :

    1) From what I read/hear I know that space marines are a VERY popular army, so I'm not sure I want to go into that route. Are Space marines capable of being converted effectively into more unique sub chapers very easily? Is the "make your own" rule as useful/fun as it seems to be?

    2) Does anyone play with the sisters? They seem like marines, cept not as common. Any traits that would be advantageous / disadvantages and such? I'm leaning very heavily towards them and wanted to know what others knew of them and their ways of play before I committed to them. As I see it, I can use my current models of Marines in their army as inductions should I need to flesh some things out and it puts my models to good use which would otherwise sit on the shelf and be pretty. Good idea or horrible newby inkling?

    Hello and thanks in advance ^^.

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    1) Yeah, a lot of people play marines. They can be converted nicely, it just takes practise and a large bits box. A simple thing as giving them a distinctive colour sceme can help make them stand out. A simple conversion (like having everyone with a bayonet) can do wonders as long as they pattern is on every model. Start small then work on with bigger things like repositioning arms and such.

    The "make your own chapter" idea is great and adds lots of fun to the game. It allows you to have even more possibilites in your army list and is worth the minimal effort. I would highly reccomend doing this if you want a marine army of your own.

    2) I don't play Sob and I don't know many people that do, so your're on your own on this one.

    Welcome to LO! :lol:
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    Originally posted by Rook@Jan 10 2005, 01:34
    1) From what I read/hear I know that space marines are a VERY popular army, so I'm not sure I want to go into that route. Are Space marines capable of being converted effectively into more unique sub chapers very easily? Is the "make your own" rule as useful/fun as it seems to be?
    Welcome... as to Space Marines, yes, they are very popular, but also very versitile.

    Sub-chapters yes they are pretty easy to convert. At the very least all you need is your own colour scheme. Now though with the new commander and command squad boxes the number of bitz you can get has really increased. Most converting will come in the form of weapon and body swapping, and with the new plastic models coming out replacing the metal ones convertings become real easy.

    The Chapter Traits system (make your own) is really good, you can really mould your force into what you want it to be along with the universal skill system. There are also a number of "premade" chapters each with their own special rules...

    for close combat there are the Space Wolves, Black Templars and Blood Angels. Whilst all being CC orientated they all play differently on the field. Prefer a shooty army, then there are the Dark Angels, Ultramarines, etc...

    Marines really do offer something for everyone are are a brilliant way to get into the hobby. Whilst they are the "newbie" army they are far far more than that. Once you have your core force you are really able to mould them nicely into pretty much any vision you want.

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