Hello. My name is (lo and behold) Rezgal, at least that's my screen name anyway. I'm 13 years old and live in Canada. I'm new to Warhammer 40K. I got into the game because I saw one of my friends Tyranoids (sp) and that they looked cool. And now I found out that one of my other friends plays it too. So I decided to get into it. I bought the starter set to get a feel for the game, along with playing a test game in the store. I immensely enjoyed it. So now I'm deciding to buy paints and stuffs. I'm thinking about getting into Eldars because they look cool, and they don't have so many choices that I'd be :blink: when trying to pick out units (Orks) and not to little options so theres not much choice (Necrons). I think Eldars have a nice medium. Since I am on a small budget, 180 dollars, I was wondering what I should buy to get my army started. And also I have to buy paints and glue, and have a question about the glue, would I be able to use the GW super glue on plastic models? Just wondering. Anyways here's what I was planning on buying:

Codex: Eldar - $20
Eldar Battle Guardians Squad - $40
Eldar Farseer (Subject to change) - $14
Hobby Starter Set - $65
Fine\Detail Brush - $5
Price - $144
+ Taxes- $21.60
Total = $165.60

This'll probably change based on the opinions you give me. Anyways...umm...ya, that's about it. And last but not least it's great to be here.

P.S - I really am thirteen.