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    For The Night Haunter!

    From the bridge of his flagship, Corex Epicum looked out across the void of space. Imperium space... the pale Night Lord spat on the ground, and grabbed his helmet, and turned, walking down the decks, to were his troops waited.

    It had been too long. With the death of Primarch Konrad Kurze, Zho Sahaal had been given command of The Night Lords. Than, the Eldar attacked Sahaal's ship, and sent it rocketing into The Warp. Corex had devestated the remnants of that Eldar attack group, those who had been unlucky enough not to escape back into the webway with their Warlock leader.

    In ten thousand years, things had changed considerably.

    Acerbus Krieg had taken the mantle of The Night Lords, and led the chapter straight into the maw of daemonic corruption. What Krieg had done in the death of The Night Haunter, and the absence of Sahaal was unacceptable, unforgiveable. The Night Lords were terror. There was no Chaos God for fear. The Night Lords were not destined to bow their heads! Not to The False Emperor, and not to Chaos!

    He arrived in the weapons bay, packed full of his men, those loyal to The Night Haunter, and The Dominus Nox, Zho Sahaal. He stood for a moment, admiring the mass of dark blue and gold. He smiled a small smile. Who needed bronze? A cheap alloy, a bastard metal. Gold. Gold was the most valuable, the most pure.

    When Zho Sahaal reappeared, he would find Epicum's "Dominius Epicum", The Epic Lords, ready for a crusade against the Imperium that would put Abbadon's foolish rages against the gate of Cadian to shame.

    "We've thrown off the shackles of failure!" he screamed to the men and Dreadnaughts arrayed before him. The answered back with their own.

    "First, The Night Haunter led us from the mindless obidence, treachory, and betrayal that marked than, and makrs now, all who are spineless enough to serve The False Emperor! Than, beneath the heel of Krieg and Abbaddon, are numbers and ranks have been raped and abused! No more! As The False Emperor so sought to destroy The Night Lords, so did Chaos try to destroy The Dominius Epicum! We are free from such hellish plots, my brothers! And, soon, The Imperium, and the universe, shall know the fear of Kurze, and Sahaal once more!

    They will know terror, when they see our standard!"

    He strapped on his helmet, glaring out at the world, and nodded to his commander. The drop pods were readied, and, the nameless world beneath them was crushed in a manner of days.

    ........................................................................... .......................................................

    Hello! New guy here! I'm just getting into Warhammer 40k, and am incredibly eager. Will be getting the core rule book, as well as The Chaos Space Marine Codex at the end of this week, and will soon be getting some miniatures to have some fun with.

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

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    Hi Corex and welcome to LO please remember to read the rules that can be found at the link at the top of the page. Nice story you may want to drop by and have a look as some of our other Authors works.

    Horus betrayed the Emperor because the Emperor crushed his favorite puppy with his Land Raider

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    It's all about real ultimate power redoing the forum skin in pink and plaid

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