Hello to everyone. I'm new to this site, and wouldn't have found it if it hadn't been for a post on a differnt online forum, redirecting me to your photo albums.

I had a little nose around, and found this site to be pretty cool, I think I'm gonna enjoy myself.

Anyway this is and introduction; I'm Ethan, I've been playing warhammer 40K for about 4 years, and have ammased 3(well sort of 4) armies. 2000 points of Spacemarines (Ultras), 1000 points of WitchHunters, 1500-2000 points of Chaos Guard (which is still growing). As well as these I have a small force of Chaos Spacemarines. (amounting to about 500 points )
I also play a lot of Inquisitor ( Though I play it as Inq28 )

Well anyway. Hello. Sorry about the ramble, I do that sometimes.