hey, its my first day here, i collect daemon hunters, my army is about 800pts, i have $135 american dollers to burn, i have no idea wat i should get, plz give me sum advice wat i should get. Heres wat i got so far:

HQ: Inquisitor
HQ: Brother-Capt. Stern /w 3 termies (1 has incinerator)
Elite: Brother-Capt. /w 3 termies (1 has incinerator)
Elite: Planing to get one of the assassins, need help on which one i should get
Troops: Justicar /w 7 GK (1 has psycannon)
Troops: Justicar /w 6 GK (2 have incinerators)
Heavy Support: planning to get Dreadnaught

wat else should i get?..............