Hey folks,

First post from me so here's a bit of an intro. I used to play 40K, epic scale and WFB in the late 80s/early 90s (Rogue Trader/Realm of Chaos era) and have recently got back into it (40K at least) after discovering a couple of friends still play.

So I went on a salvage mission in my parents' attic, and bless them, they hadn't thrown any of it away, which meant that I've just acquired about 60 beaky marines -- 20 of which were still unpainted, yay! -- along with a load of other cool stuff from that era.

(On the subject of which, I've just posted a new thread about Dettol residue in the Painting forum, please have a look if you have a minute.)

I miss the days when the 40K aesthetic was a bit less clean and regimented, a bit more crufty, dark and comics-influenced... But then nothing stays the same.

Anyway, it's nice to have found this forum, full of useful stuff rather than ranting 12-year-olds (c.f. the GW forums). Keep up the good work.