Heya! This is my first posting on this forum, and as I'm pretty new to the whole online forums thing, I'll probably evetually end up doing something really obviously stupid (to everyone else anyway)! But I'll try my best . =)

Anyways, guess i'd better post my current gaming obsessions:

Necromunda (scavvies! Go plague!)
3000ish points Dark Angels (although only about 1k is up and painted)
And my latest fave: Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii.

As for necromunda, I love the occasional campaign, but I dont know many people who really get into the game anymore, so its been a while since my last blunderbuss malfuntion.

And for the Skitarri, just really starting them I guess. I've got about 2k to 3k Cadian troops, but i'm really only using those as a means of getting used to guard whilst I get all those augmetic upgrades readt on the Fabricator Generals finest. Lots of green stuff and scrounging involved there! One thing i've noticed about these guys, IG do seem to play as well as i'd hoped in built up cities. Gotta love that ludicrous amount of flamers!

Anyways, there's a brief indication of where i'm at hobby-wise. In the middle of my uni exams at the moment, so not able to devote too much time to the cause, but still managing to fit in the odd game or two at the local GW (melbourne).

If anyone has any tips on what to avoid with regards to potential trip ups on this forum, please give me the heads up on what to aviod. Otherwise, I guess i'll just have to plunge head on in! Looks like a pretty awesome forum from what i've seen so far, hopefully i'll be able to contribute some.

I think the first rule i've broken is that I wrote way too much. And if that aint a rule, well, I feel bad anyways! =)