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Thread: Hello to All!

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    Hello to All!

    I am new to LO so I wanted to say hello to everyone! I am just getting back into wargaming after taking about a 12 year break. Previously a good friend of mine and I played a lot of Battletech and we were just getting into Warhammer 40k when his job forced him to move he and his family from California to Washington. I got busy with a new job of my own so I packed all my models away and put them on the shelf. Then last year my job relocated my family and I from California to Washington and my friend and I took up where we left off. Instead of getting back into Battletech we decided to jump back into WH40k. He has a son who is coming to gaming age and they both have really taken off - he bought a ton of Tau and he has Space Wolves for his son (among other armies they are working on). They play quite a lot but because of my work schedule and much younger kids (late bloomer) I have been much slower. I have been collecting Craftworld Ulthwe Eldar and Dark Angels Space Marines. I think the Eldar are great but are also a bit unforgiving for my current lack of experience and knowledge so I hope to focus first on my DA Marines. I hope that the experts here at LO can help me craft a good starting Army List so I can get building, painting, and PLAYING!

    LO looks like a great site with great contributors and a wealth of good information. I hope that when I am more experienced with both the hobby and gaming sides of 40k I can become a worthwhile contributor.


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    welcome to LO and welcome back to the Hobby! hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Looks like youve got back into it at just the right time too, what with the Medusa V global campaign, and both Eldar and DA getting a revamp and new minis in the near future (apparantly)

    and heres hoping you try out WHFB when the new 7th edition comes out- highly recommended!

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