Hi to all forum members just decided I should introduce myself.I'v just restarted 40k after nearly 8 years away because I moved to rpg games-D&D,vampire,werewolf and exalted.After some upheval 2 years ago my RPG group ripped itself apart and after much fruitless searching for a new group I accepted defeat and did nothing for nearly a year.Now a friend of mines just started collecting again so I decided to as well.A bit more about my gaming past I started collecting warhammer and warhammer 40k when I was seven after finding a white dwarf in a news agents I had hero quest already and had just seen 'the lord of the rings cartoon' and the issue of white dwarf had orcs on it so I thought it was to do with lord of the rings.How wrong I was I loved the models ,the articals and the art work and got some models after some serious saving(I was 7)and I collected right up till I was 15.So now I have reemerged and about to collect my first new army because I have lost or got rid of my old stuff .I will be collecting a world eaters army because I love melee,like the new models and like red(not as much as black).I'm building custom HQ models because I'm not so keen on those models.Heres a quick bio-

My age-22
Army-world eaters-Carnage Dragons
Any feedback with comments would be apprecited -thanks for taking time to read.