Hi all,

Names Rob,

Speedindemon is my Handle.

I am in the USCG. And i just started reading up on WH40K. My Buddy James on my Boat had the Rule book and i got bored and read it. and WoW. Game seams pretty cool fun goal oriented. And since i tend to get bored while underway and in port some times figured it was time for a new hobby. So far from what i see im thinking of going Tau. I like Mech's and stuff like that and i think they would be pretty cool to paint. But who knows i am looking for somewhere to download a few codexs to get a brief understanding of what army offer's. I truly dont see my self paying to buy ech codex just to spend $100 just to find out what army to collect. So far i have looked at the tyranids James had that book on boat. Dont want to go that route. SM look cool but from what somebody already said they get used alot. Im a family man with 2 kids so i cant afford to creat to Armie's. Im looking to create a Single Army around 1500- 2000 Points that i can modify here and their for different tasks.

Well glad to be here and meet you all. Anybody know any WH40K Hobby stores in Southern NJ. only lived here 2 years last hobby shops i visited was when i lived in New England..:sleep: Well laters all

Demon out.