Hi All,

Mike here, handle Monkeyclops. New to the forums and fairly new to 40k. When I was younger I always knew I'd love a game like 40k but didn't have the $$ or anyone to play with. A year ago my brother got into the game, started assembling a Space Marines army, made a ton of terran and has played in a few mega-battles. Hearing this, I started up my Orks! However, over the past year I had little to no time (nor motivation) to assemble and paint. But as luck would have it, an old friend who use to play Fantasy and 40K was getting the itch again anbd posted on some forums we have for another game.

Well this got the bug in me again, plus several of my friends suddenly got the bug. Over the past month or two we have recruited 2 new players and another old player, giving us a group of about 6 of us to battle. So I have been buying, assembling, priming and painting my butt off. We have played a few games and arne't sticklers about fully assembled/painted armies. My 1st game I hade 16 headless, armless, unpainted and unprimed Slugga Boyz Heck, last night my friend played using Proxy fantasy elf pieces to represent his Necron Wraiths!

Anyway, I'll be poking around these forums from time to time and just wanted to say hi!