As per standard PM sent upon registration, here is info about me:

I took up Warhammer about 10 years ago. Started out with Chaos and then took a break from warhammer because of life in gereral but now I'm back and playing Dogs of War!

I have been training in karate for about 13 years and Japanese Swordsmanship for about 3.5 years.

I like Aliens vs Predator (I know, the movie was disapointing) comics and novels. I'd love for my Dogs of War general to ride a xenomorph, and I've always wanted to do up some lizardmen to look like predators.

Philosophy? Yes I like to read textbooks about western philosophy.

System of a Down are the greatest band ever. Most people don't agree but never mind.

Fav book: The Dune Chronicles. I have DoW Desert Dogs painted up like fremen. The leader is called "Stilgar".

That's all, bye for now.