Hey everyone, just signed up today after speaking to a m8 of mine about 40k.

I have never really played the game apart from a couple of occasions down at my local GW. One of my fondest memories came from one of those games, where I was using a unit of Warboyz against the Space Marines, and managed to rip one of the tanks tracks off, rendering it useless...brilliant it was!

Anyways, ages ago I bought the 40k game (talking at least 5 years ago...maybe more) which ofc had a few Space Marines and Orks included. After this I purchased a couple of Eldar Warp Spiders, mainly because I loved the paint job I had seen (nice red colour with a black back and then a white spider pattern).

Now I'm thinking of collecting again as a m8 of mine has recently started collecting a Daemonhunter army and wants someone to play with. So I'm reading various info on different races and at the moment I'm liking Chaos the most. Although I'm slightly hesitant to go with daemons when my m8 is playing with an army called "daemonhunters"

So, I'm here now, and I can't wait to delve into all the information here and get advice on various things (forgotten all the rules for one )

Looking forward to it all.