Hi and halabalu to all and sundry at Librarium Online.

I've just recently stumbled upon this site and decided I needed to sign up ASAP.

I'm 25 going on older and have played GW games for a loooooonnnnngggg time. I have even commited the heinous crime of having worked for GW for over 4 years but have since left. Almost everyone I know has at one point worked for them as well so be warned I don't like pointless or groundless abuse at the expense of GW - though this doesn't seem like the kind of place that often happens.

I enjoy debating rules and fluff and hope my input will be useful.

And because I guess everyone does I'll let you know that my favourite army is probably the Adeptus Astartes but clear the way when they release the Cult Mechanicus because they'll be all mine, all MINE I TELL YOU...

Ahem.. Soz. Well guess I'll be seeing you all around.